In-Person Lessons Available June 1st

I am delighted to communicate regular lessons will be available to students starting Monday, June 1st  provided both of us are feeling well. Starting Tuesday May 26 I will be asking families whether they wish to continue  online lessons or go back to regular in-person lessons. Due to Memorial Day holiday I will contact Monday lesson families individually. I plan to keep my current lesson schedule and offer openings if a change is required. Those who prefer to continue online lessons may do so without disruption. Flexibility is in place to alternate between online and regular lessons if either of us don’t feel well or schedules require.
For those who want to resume regular lessons student-to-student contact will be minimized as much as possible:
*Only siblings have back-to-back lessons scheduled. For everyone else, short breaks are already in place between lessons.
*I will wipe down piano keys, pencils, music stands and door knobs after every lesson. Hand sanitizer is available.
*I am not requiring masks but will wear one if students arrive wearing one or request it.
*Students need to wait outside (weather permitting) or in the car for their actual lesson time. I will open my door when it is your lesson time.
*As an added precaution I recommend using the bathroom at home prior to your lesson.
*Wash your hands often.
I have no history or experience making the important decisions required over the last few months. I do want to stay flexible and support your family’s goals, health and safety.
Please let me know if you have any questions – or 630-363-7513.

Share Your Pet or Stuffed Animal Week of May 4th

The week of May 4th is share your pet or stuffed animal week! Bring your pet or favorite stuffed animal to your online lesson. I would love to meet them. My favorite is my helper Dippy who helps young students sit up tall at the piano. Young students can balance a sitting Dippy on their heads for 10 seconds! This is a big achievement. I am thinking and praying for all of you. Have a great week to all!

Results of Crazy Hair/Hat Contest

Congratulations to Christian G. who won our Crazy Hair/Hat contest with a crazy hair style and facial expression. There were many excellent runners up who also looked crazy, adorable and beautiful. Our runners up are Liam P., Lauryn L., Cate M., Fiona F., Maddy M. and Brynn S. Everyone received Culver’s gift cards.

Many thanks to all who participated! To see a photo of Christian’s crazy hair check out my studio’s Facebook page “Diane Lindsay Piano & Voice”.

Piano & Voice Lesson Details

Hello Everyone,
How are you doing?! This is such a stressful time for everyone. If there’s anything I can do please let me know. Online lessons have been a wonderful “normal” outlet for the kids. I’ve learned a lot and am so appreciative of all the parental support and assistance making them work.

1) Reminder: No lessons are scheduled for Friday, April 10 and Sat. April 11 for Easter.
2) Our current lesson schedule will stay in place until Governor Pritzker gives the all-clear to resume face-to-face contact. We may need to continue into May but it’s too soon to decide today. I will continue to drop off new books and/or lesson materials as needed.
3) A few families have requested earlier lesson times. I am open to lessons between 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Please contact me if interested.
4) I still hope to reschedule our March 15th concerts for either May or June. As with lesson schedules please stay in contact for more information.

Please take care of yourselves. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Have a Happy Easter!

Crazy Hat or Hair Contest for April 6-11 Lessons

First off I am profoundly grateful for each and every one of you for your flexibility and ingenuity with online lessons. I’m hearing from the kids how much they enjoy them and how they help them feel connected and have a sense of “normal”. I couldn’t agree more!
To kick off April lessons I am hosting a crazy HAIR OR HAT WEEK at lessons. Wear a crazy hat, wear your hair in a super-fun, different, or colorful style or simply dress up in clothes you wouldn’t normally wear at your lesson! I can hardly wait to see what everyone designs. Parents are included! Students who do not have lessons can participate by sending me a photo of your crazy hat or hairstyle. The prize for the best, most creative look is a Culver’s Gift Card!
Stay safe and healthy, everyone. You mean the world to me!

Lessons Week of March 16

After much thought I think it is best to follow guidelines from CDC and our Governor and not hold lessons the rest of this week. It would be great to have some sense of “normal” right now but our current situation is not normal. What is best is to respond well and not put anyone at risk. Stay safe and healthy!


Due to the reCent school closures and concerns about large groups meeting together I am suspending this weekend’s March 14 practice and March 15 concerts for a weekend yet to be determined in April or May. Once school is back in session a new date will be selected and communicated. Lessons are available for the week of Monday, March 16th, keeping everything disinfected. Please let me know whether your child will be attending. Please do not attend if you have the flu, any virus, sore throat, fever, or cough.