August Piano & Voice Newsletter

Hope everyone is well and having a good summer. Attached is August’s piano and voice newsletter.
*There are no regular lessons scheduled for August 3-22. Lessons resume the week of August 24th.
*August invoices will be emailed the week of July 20th based on current lesson schedules. Many schools are considering their fall schedule options at this time. If you need a different lesson day and time please let me know as soon as possible.
*Group lessons are suspended for months of October, November and December 2020 due to COVID-19 concerns. Private lessons will occur as scheduled. I plan to resume Group Lessons in April 2021.
*The 2020 Calendar of Events appears in the attached newsletter.
Stay safe and well!

Making the Most of Online Lessons

While some students have moved to in-person lessons most of my studio prefers online lessons. Online lessons provide opportunities for students to take more ownership of their learning. I want students to be critical listeners and to hear the musical concepts we are discussing during their lesson. Recordings can be made during Zoom lessons to review later as questions arise.  If your lessons are currently on FaceTime and you would like to switch to Zoom so you can record your lessons please let me know!
The article below lists some basic concepts parents and students can use to make the most of their online lessons. Please pass these along to your pianist/vocalist! I especially like two ideas from column 2. First, “Listen carefully to everything your teacher says and plays. If you are unclear about what you heard, be honest about it and ask for a redo. (The screen makes it harder to see and hear clearly, so they will understand.)” I sometimes ask students for a redo for the same reasons. The second is “Above all, the one ingredient that will help make your online lessons a success is patience!”
I hope this is informative and helpful.
Source: “Piano Explorer Magazine” July/August 2020.

2019 Concert Recordings

With so much time and attention recently focused on the 2020 concert programs I missed letting everyone know a small number of recordings from the 2019 concerts are available using the link below and the 2019 Concerts tab. Due to file size and copyright difficulties with YouTube, there was only space to feature a small number of performers. I did not use YouTube for 2020 concerts in order to avoid YouTube’s requirements thus making it possible to include everyone. A link to the 2020 concerts will appear on the website later this month. Enjoy their performances!

In-Person Lessons Available June 1st

I am delighted to communicate regular lessons will be available to students starting Monday, June 1st  provided both of us are feeling well. Starting Tuesday May 26 I will be asking families whether they wish to continue  online lessons or go back to regular in-person lessons. Due to Memorial Day holiday I will contact Monday lesson families individually. I plan to keep my current lesson schedule and offer openings if a change is required. Those who prefer to continue online lessons may do so without disruption. Flexibility is in place to alternate between online and regular lessons if either of us don’t feel well or schedules require.
For those who want to resume regular lessons student-to-student contact will be minimized as much as possible:
*Only siblings have back-to-back lessons scheduled. For everyone else, short breaks are already in place between lessons.
*I will wipe down piano keys, pencils, music stands and door knobs after every lesson. Hand sanitizer is available.
*I am not requiring masks but will wear one if students arrive wearing one or request it.
*Students need to wait outside (weather permitting) or in the car for their actual lesson time. I will open my door when it is your lesson time.
*As an added precaution I recommend using the bathroom at home prior to your lesson.
*Wash your hands often.
I have no history or experience making the important decisions required over the last few months. I do want to stay flexible and support your family’s goals, health and safety.
Please let me know if you have any questions – or 630-363-7513.

Share Your Pet or Stuffed Animal Week of May 4th

The week of May 4th is share your pet or stuffed animal week! Bring your pet or favorite stuffed animal to your online lesson. I would love to meet them. My favorite is my helper Dippy who helps young students sit up tall at the piano. Young students can balance a sitting Dippy on their heads for 10 seconds! This is a big achievement. I am thinking and praying for all of you. Have a great week to all!