Making the Most of Online Lessons

While some students have moved to in-person lessons most of my studio prefers online lessons. Online lessons provide opportunities for students to take more ownership of their learning. I want students to be critical listeners and to hear the musical concepts we are discussing during their lesson. Recordings can be made during Zoom lessons to review later as questions arise.  If your lessons are currently on FaceTime and you would like to switch to Zoom so you can record your lessons please let me know!
The article below lists some basic concepts parents and students can use to make the most of their online lessons. Please pass these along to your pianist/vocalist! I especially like two ideas from column 2. First, “Listen carefully to everything your teacher says and plays. If you are unclear about what you heard, be honest about it and ask for a redo. (The screen makes it harder to see and hear clearly, so they will understand.)” I sometimes ask students for a redo for the same reasons. The second is “Above all, the one ingredient that will help make your online lessons a success is patience!”
I hope this is informative and helpful.
Source: “Piano Explorer Magazine” July/August 2020.

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