Hi, my name is Diane Lindsay!

Studying music benefits people of all ages!  Playing or listening to music stimulates the mind.  Music instruction enhances abstract reasoning skills. Students who take music lessons generally score higher on ACT’s and other cognitive development tests.  Playing an instrument increases eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.  Music lessons encourage goal setting and improve study skills and contribute to lifelong enrichment and enjoyment.

How do you find the right music teacher? How do you practice effectively?  Look through my posts to find out!

Tour my studio below!

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Interested in the piano class for my 5 year old son. Please call neon 6308028602. I sent u email as well

    Looking forward to talk to you

    • Hello,
      Yes I offer students voice lessons ages 8 and up from my home studio in Lombard, Illinois. Please let me know your daughter’s age and goals and we can set up a time to meet. Lessons start at 30 minute weekly times studying technique and vocal solfeg exercises. We will start pieces after she’s well into the exercises. There is a daily practice commitment.

      I look forward to hearing from you soon.
      Diane Lindsay

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