The piano is one of the most versatile and revered of musical instruments. Piano lessons are a wonderful way to bring beautiful music to a student’s life. Many piano students love music, its sound and movement but never had a music lesson. Others took lessons years ago and want to resume their studies. Weekly lessons are usually 30 minutes in length. Forty-five, sixty-minute and group lessons are also available. The most current piano methods and techniques are shared. The type and level selected depends on the student’s age and learning styles. Lessons focus on grand staff note reading (both bass and treble clefs), chords, fingerings, counting, dynamics, pedaling, phrasing, ear training and sightreading. Is your child a developing reader or mathematician? Piano lessons are a wonderful support to their current learning. Each lesson is fun, purposeful and individually planned. I encourage, engage, motivate and give students tools to continue their music studies on other instruments.  Click to view our current availability.