Two COVID Safety Updates

Please make sure your child’s mask is worn properly over their nose and mouth, the mask fits their face, and the mask stays in place. Some children arrive wearing masks that are too large. They slide around their face, covering very little and creating a lesson distraction. Others arrive wearing masks that are too small or worn out. These masks do not cover their mouth and nose effectively. I recommend storing some extra masks in your child’s piano or voice bag, in the event one is forgotten at home.  I also have a basket of extra masks on the bench just inside the door.

Families are also reminded to arrive on-time for in-person lessons, wait for the porch light to be on, and wait for your child to enter my home before leaving the area. Please do not arrive early! I haven’t had a chance to disinfect for both your child’s safety and my own. This week a few children arrived too early to disinfect and before I turned on the porch light!

Please help me – help your child and I stay safe during this pandemic.

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