4 thoughts on “Openings Update 8/22/19

  1. Hi Mrs Diane
    My name is Sumera Seraj I live near lombard and I’m interested for a music lesson for my daughter Saturday morning class or if u have a opening in evening after 6 on Thursday or fri you can call me also 630290 5193

      1. Hi my daughter name is Alizah she is 7 soon to turn 8. I want her to learn piano, goals is to hopefully one day she can play by ear. For now learning basics and developing interest in musical instruments mainly piano.

      2. Thanks for your information. What are your daughters favorite subjects and activities? Where do her interests lie? Lessons with me include notereading, rhythm, technique, dynamics, and artistry in a positive and encouraging setting. I don’t teach anyone to play by ear specifically but I do teach pattern identification, chords, listening and sight reading. To name a few. Once in place students who play by ear either have a natural or trained ability. If it’s trained it’s probably not going to develop overnight. Do you have a piano or proper keyboard for lessons? All my students practice 5 days per week, 2 days off of their choice. The piano or keyboard must be in your home prior to lessons starting. A proper or decent keyboard start at $400. I want my students to be successful. Please let me know your thoughts and whether you are interested.

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