1. Lessons start on-time as scheduled and conclude as close to on-time as possible. For safety, students will wait inside at pickup. Parents/caregivers should coordinate their schedules around lesson times and length.
  2. The porch light is turned on when lessons begin and students may enter without knocking or ringing the bell. This is especially helpful if another student’s lesson is in session ahead of them.
  3. If you arrive early please wait patiently outside for the porch light to be turned on at your lesson time. Let me know prior if you wish to arrive earlier than scheduled.
  4. Student’s should complete written assignments in pencil or colored pencils. No pen!  Keep both near the piano or in piano bags at all times.
  5. Reading music is a tremendous, detailed skill! Lots of small print. Student’s must wear prescription glasses while playing the piano – both at home and lessons. No exceptions! I recommend a special pair of piano glasses kept in piano bags so students can always see properly. Parents will be sent home to retrieve missing glasses.
  6. Your child will ask a responsible adult or caregiver to initial their practice sheets. This is to confirm their work was completed.
  7. There are no lessons scheduled Wed. July 24 and Thurs. July 25 for meetings.
  8. Summer vacation is Mon. August 5 – Sat. August 24.
  9. Fall lesson information will be mailed the week of August 12th.


The children listed below have expressed interest in receiving September 2019-August 2020 (10 issues) of “Piano Explorer” magazine. “Piano Explorer” is a short, monthly magazine written by and for piano students and teachers. Each issue profiles a well-known composer, music history topic, piano technique, musical instruments, theory, composition, games, puzzles and jokes. It is informative and well-written. Check out or stop by the studio to view past issues. The $9.00 subscription fee (90 cents per issue) will appear on August invoices.
Your child will be assigned a short reading assignment from each issue. This will be  part of their weekly lesson assignments and the time spent may be included on practice sheets and initialed. I will submit our group order on Monday, July 15th. If you have any questions please let me know.
Thank you,
  1. Nathan L.
  2. Christian G.
  3. Lauren M.
  4. Emily M.
  5. Tommy G.
  6. Rosie B.
  7. Cate M.
  8. Fiona F.
  9. Gabriel T.



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